Pure Blender 2.42.

For this project I had in mind an expression of relaxing and unwinding, a sort of anthropomorphing cloud, a person getting back into the flow and way of life.

On a technical note, I used one of the Blender sculpt test binaries to work on some areas of this mesh. Even though the mesh is over 200k verts the sculpt mode worked quite well and responsively. The sky is procedural.

Thank you for viewing my work,


And here’s RobertT’s image of the day.

Good work, like these fancy single mesh images.

Thanks, Cyborg Dragon :slight_smile: Several of these latest projects were in development over the past couple of weeks, an hour here or there borrowed against time I should have used for sleep probably, but I was intent on finishing them all before moving on to new projects and continuing some others yet I have already begun. Inspiration can come at the darndest times sometimes! So yeah, this is the probably the last project from that batch, and I thought it was a fitting image and idea to come to rest upon after an ultra busy week.

Actually, I had to actually work on this mesh in stages and in separate parts and at the end combine everything because of the sheer number of verts required to get the complicated topology I had in mind for this. When a project starts making my laptop’s NVIDIA 6800 video card lag, I know I’m pushing things a bit :wink: I made Blender crash a dozen or so times while working on this. Ideally I would have liked to work on this sculpture all at once as one big mesh, but my current computer setup isn’t powerful enough to handle that though.

So while it’s an image of relaxation, it was ironically a lot of work to see it through it its final form :slight_smile:


One thing I forgot to mention though is that when I finished the modeling part and brought the mesh into a blendsculpt test binary, things did seem to move more quickly and I was able to use the sculpt brushes with a good degree of responsiveness.

Once back in 2.42 (optimized) things seemed slower again, but at that point I didn’t have to move around at all in the 3D view. All I had to do were some tweaks in the render nodes and material settings and I was able to finish it all through the camera view. So based on that experience I wonder if the next Blender (2.43?) might work even faster (since I consider it already pretty fast) with denser meshes. Or maybe the optimizations I experienced were specific to the sculpt mode.


Very nice sculpting. The shape and colors make this look…refreshing, in a way.

great colours, quite different from your regular pallette.
looks fresh !


I actually really, really like this one! very good and simple-looking. 4 stars.

There’s something very soothing about this one. It’s very pleasant to the eye and I feel some what relaxed watching it. Maybe I just like blue, but very well done.


do you either have no life, or model extremely fast??

you make so much nice renders in such a small amount of time. amazing
EDIT: oh btw, wire?:smiley:

Friday13: Thanks! Refreshing is part of what I was going for with this one, so thanks for the response.

garphik: Thank you, garphik. I'm really happy with the way the colors came out.

GmL: Thanks, and thanks for the rating!

Hippie: Thanks for the response, Hippie. Maintaining a soothing and appealing visual flow was a big priority for this project, so I’m glad you found it pleasing.

Yoeri: Haha, there’s always plenty of room for both life and Blender :slight_smile: so much to do and see, learn and experience. I’m totally inspired by life and all the people I meet and know. I am demanding myself to do more in less time if I’m ever going to work through most (probably never all) the ideas I’ve had and continue to have, at least the ones I feel are worth exploring in 3D, so I’ve consciously tried to create things faster and more intensely within the past year. So yeah, fast but not nearly as fast as I’d really like to be. When they come out with the direct mind-to-Blender interface I might be interested in that :eek: :smiley: Here’s the wire.


holy crap!!! That wire looks insane! You should think about writing some tutorials.

The wire looks like you took great use of the P.E.T. tool or since you used sculpt mode retopoed it to look like that.

Proportional editing was integral as was good ol’ fashion vert pushing :wink: The early sculpt beta I used was only for smoothing some rough edges or accentuating some edges that were too smooth.


Proportional editing is one of the best and my most often used mesh editing tool.

Anyway, I love the shader work here RobertT. The idea behind the image is very interesting and I really like you take on it. Well done.


Alright man, so I’m not much for abstract work. But this piece has a lot of imagination in it, and I gotta say well done. Great stuff.