Vacui Spacii project - jan 2 Animation and sources added

i’m proud to present this personal project i’ve been workin. 21 open short movies. (2 of them finished, 1 on the way) Blends will be included :wink:
Please, check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

Vacui Spacii

It will be regular updates…

cheers community!:slight_smile:

edit (dec 10): blend files
edit (jan 4): mini tuts + blend files
edit (jan 27): blend files
edit (mar 7): new short: infra
edit (jan 2, 2012): New Year’s greeting short and sources


at first just by looking at the renders i’m thinking “meh i don’t get it”. but when i watched the videos and i realized how amazing it is, absolutely fantastic work keep it up!

Wat Man, i’m truly glad that you’ve watched the films!
keep in touch, there’ll be 19 more to come! :wink:

ps: it’s true. Watching only those stills it’s not very interesting, huh? :smiley:

i cant wait, the art style is definitely different and i like it!

Martin, those shorts have almost hypnotic quality to them. Great work, they make an enjoyable experience. Movement is in perfect sync with music and visuals are great. Keep 'em coming :wink:

p.s. I can’t wait to see the blends. I would love to see how things were done, because at places I am baffled how you did it.

i was very sloppy when i developed those shorts. I need to arrange them to upload.That’s another thing to work out in the next ones ;).
The blends itself are not complex. You’ll see it soon!

Thanks for viewing!

That. was. amazing. One of the neatest abstract videos I’ve seen in Blender! I loved the part from 0.49-0.54, it was so epic! That camera angle made me feel so small :smiley: Awesome work mate!

@agentmilo: have you seen both?

Yeah, I saw the second one after I commented in your thread- Somehow, I like the first one more… But both are awesome!

I love this, reminds me of the game Rez I had for the Dreamcast. Beautiful, hypnotic and technically stunning. Only an opinion, but these are the best things I have seen done with Blender thus far.

So yeah, I like them! :slight_smile:

Music great too…

in your “Vacui Spacii | part I: antea”:

how do you do the light effects around 1:40 and how do you do the other light effects around 2:09?

the only thing I can come up with is nodes (which ones?) for the first and spot lights with volumetric on for the second.

Hey guys! i’va uploaded some of the “Antea” Blends. Hope you find it useful!
Soon i’ll make some sort of tutorial about these techniques you’re interested. Thanks a lot!

check it out

thanks for the effort. :slight_smile:

you’re welcome!
Tomorrow i’ll upload the blends of Coma, and some visual development of Texo, the next one.

Beautiful work, very original. I can’t wait to see the last one

Just an update.

chack the site for a mini tut & wallpapers!! downloads section.

Thanks a lot and good 2011 for everybody!

added another mini tutorial + blend


Awesome visuals! Love the music as well, especially on part 1.

Keep it up!


These are the mini tutorials:

I’m rendering the next short… “Texo” is still in production while “Infra” is being rendered :smiley:

and if there are some interest, more Mini Tuts will come.
Happy life!

Thanks for watching and feel free to remix and use this material!

Thanks for the tutorials. You make everything sound too easy, but it actually shows that one can achieve great results with relative ease if he knows what he is doing!