vacuum tube (update 12 Feb)

Hello i’m new here and this is my first bigger project - vacuum tube. My problem is - I don’t know how to make the edge of mirror texture (on the top of model) smoother. I’m working with Blender. I will be gratefull for other advices too. Thanks

Here is the picture:
The bigger one:

The biggest one:

It seems that tripod doesn’t allow direct linking.
You should create a small html page for your images, or find a better host.

Welcome to Elysiun!

I can see the image (and the one in the link). It looks good, from what I have seen of the tubes. Try using raytraced transparencies and use the IOR. That will give it some nice refractions. Also, caustics (sp?) would be really cool with this in a scene!


It’s soooo refreshing to see somebody who even knows what a vacuum tube is!

I use ImageShack. It is free and it allows direct linking:

Supported formats: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff, swf

Maximum image file size: 1 MB

You can even create a gallery of your images.

I think you will be happy with this one :slight_smile:

That’s cool! Looks very good. Any chance of seeing it lit up? That’s one of the coolest things about tubes, the way they glow…

nice work…the realism is well done.

very cool nice glass but looks like the spec is a tad low or that plastic but i like it.

I agree with Vaccine0101, you should bump up the specularity a bit. Also, this thing would look seriously great with an environment map.

Hmm interesting - maybe because the specularity level is maxed ( 2.000 ) :-? I will try other glass material.

maybe something like this: