Vacuuming Game

Hey, the idea came to me when i was vacuuming the house, yes it is kinda poinless and a terrible waste both our time, but here it is…

maybe you’ll have enough fun to volentarily vacuum ur own house…

download at

lol…its very creative…i dont think i ever saw a vacuuming game…as far as ideas go…

i am not downloading because i dont have blender…and im not downloading it…

so im sorry but i cant say anything of how playable it is…and overall fun and looks =/

I like it. You could make a house that has been trashed or different levels where a party has happened or something. The only compliant was that some of the stuff didn’t get picked up because the “area” where the stuff gets sucked up under the vacume seemed a bit small.


whoa, it’s surprisingly fun :o yeah, there definately should be more levels, keep going on with this please. Maybe in each level you get a different vacuum cleaner, oh and how about make it so you can fail, like if you don’t vacuum up the mess in 60 seconds you fail

Heheh hey that was reallu fun as sead before you need to make more level only thig that kinda boderd me was that vacuum’s side to side moveing was kinda slow.Everything else was great.

Hehe, :smiley: . Class!

Awesome, you could also have obstacles in the way like tables or smaller stuff on the ground so you would have to move it so you can vacum on that spot, although you shouldn’t be able to vacum pop cans, maybe if you run over a pop can it would clog your vacum for 3 seconds, or other various objects :slight_smile: This game had alot of potential

Really a funny game. As the other players said, you should put some obstacles in the room, to make this game more playable :slight_smile:
Good work.

I don’t know why this is fun, but it is. I read somewhere that you should make games based on what you like. If you like making sandwiches, you should make a game about making sandwiches. So if you make a game about vacuuming, is it safe to assume…? :slight_smile: