Well, I’m very new to blender and this is my first real mesh. I’ve done some messing around before this, but nothing that was a real project. I’m not at all happy with the neck, looks too box like to me. Anyways let me know what you think!.:smiley:


Depends what look your going for. It looks really cartoonish to me. If your going for a more real look, make his jaw not stick out as much and make his head longer.

Looks good though!

Thanks Killer. Do you mean longer vertically or horizontally? I am trying to make him look as realistic as I can, but like I said this is my first mesh, and I have no experience with texturing.

Its looking good so far. Like Killer said, move the jaw in a little, so it looks like this

You model is misproportioned, I would recommend using reference images of Vader to get the proportions correct.

Hey thanks for the feed back. I’ll be sure to move the jaw in. And I was using referance pics, but I couldnt get them to line up exactly so that probably why it looks so misproportioned.

Heres a quick update. I think the neck looks a little too fat now, and I’m having alot of trouble making those bars that go in front of his vent, the one right where his mouth would be. Suggestions, comments, anything would be great.