Valentino! - New Character, added wire


Borring you again hehe, this time i made a character but just for fun… his name is Valentino, kind of ‘Wolf Sea’ i guess (here and here some images i get inspired) well, i tried to make that, but the final result is so different… :-?

anyway, here is the image, Blender 2.34, without post-pro…

Hope you like it!!
C&C will be appreciated, as always =)

WOW! :smiley: :smiley:

I just love your characters. I saw your logo-video and the two characters in that, I thought they were awesome.

How do you make them? Nurbs? Any chance of a tutorial? That would be sooooo good. :wink:

Another few questions:

How do you make your materials?
What lighting do you use?

Your characters are so vibrant, and come to life. How do you do it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Another great concept and render! I love the carrot you have displayed at, and this is just as good.

He has a lot of character, though I think a slight improvement would have been different coloured eyes, he’s a bit all the same colour.

Your ‘fur’ shader, and the way light reflects on it is wonderful, it seems all velvety, and looks just right for this piece.

There’s nothing boring about that image!
It’s great, like all your previous characters i’ve seen.

And i agree with Redbyte, i really would like to see a tutorial of one of your characters

That’s a funny and detailed one! - regarding his teeth and hairs.

Bur r u sure about his yellow eyes, if he is yellow too?
All ur other characters have different colors, if you understand me…

but may be that is the special of valentino! :wink:

Awesome toon looking character. I like all your characters, I whish I could model like that. Thought about making a Pixar like animation? It would be really awesome if you did something like that. I like all your renders, gives me a good 3d toon feeling. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great as all of your works…
PS. a wireframe??.. you know, i’m a newbie…


chupate un culo pibe.
:stuck_out_tongue: nah mentira, ta weno ta weno, aunque la piel no se ve tan suave como en los otros personajes

Fantastic sand! Fantastic eyes! (they look so watery!) Fantastic whiskers! Fantastic character!

Did I mention it is fantastic?
You should make some cartoons with your characters some time :slight_smile:

Well, it’s the dragon from neverending story, but it looks great :slight_smile:

I really like it! Awesome character.

I know it’s a toon like character, but the interior of the mouth shouldn’t be red instead of black?

I hope one day I will be able to model like that.

:o wow thanks for the feedback folks! :smiley:

Boiwei: yes… i thought that it should be red… but, well… inside there is sooo dark! heheh, ok i’ll change it.

Avier: tan suave? es un lobo marino! jejej bueno si es un poco mas aspera… pero bue jej

TiZeta: of course! it is posted…

spazz: detail? im glad you note it! heheh, all the teeths are in a random direction, and some hair too… made it with fiber. and yes! the eyes! all is so… brown :-? , i didn’t note it… but now they are Blue! thanks for the advice :wink:

redbyte: thanks! wow…how do i made it? nurbs? naah, just a cube, some extrude and knife tool, and there is!, the materials are vertex painted… the lighting? 3 common lamps, and 1 sun lamp… but i think that maybe you’ll have the same effect, with less lamps…

Now the wire-frame of the first render:

And another render, the same view, but different rvk…

Thanks again for the comments… hope you like the last image…

I really like your toon style. Your modeling and texturing are very good. They fit the character perfectly. I like surroundings.

Valnetino really got character. Well done. :smiley:

Dead links!!! Help!! I want to see them!!

Pictures are little tiny ‘x’'s.


NQE1: dead links?? try later!, well now it is online, or try in my wips folder later…

there is the valentino’s images… so, anyway, if you cant see it, and you still want to, send me an email! or MSNme heheh


Heh another great one dude :smiley: Definitely like th blue eyes better. Heh he looks sleepy in the second one :smiley:
Great work!

P.S. Any chance of a full size desktop render :wink:

Hey, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your renders always look great venomgfx. I like the style of them. Your characters are very good, too. Top stuff. :slight_smile:

This is the kind of stuff I would love to do. It’s so unconcerned with being photoreal…

Would it be possible for you to post a blend of one of these characters of yours? I would just like to learn from how you apply textures and lighting.

Great work.

This is just another awesome piece of work from you, I really love your cartoony style.

Just keep these great images coming,

A fan of your work.

good stuff!