++++++++++++ LAST UPDATE +++++++++++++++

Another try at making a full human figure. Lots of work to do still. When it`s finished I’m planing to make a Pinup shot with her.


more from me:

Mid Shot:

Looks very nice,what did you use for skin texture.been trying a while now to get a good skin node setup but failed.

Back shot:

The skin shader is quite basic and I don’t like it very much, but I can post the node setup tomorrow if you want. I hope Cycles willl have SSS soon!

Looks really nice, but maybe it’s just a weird reflection of light but the leg looks a little skewed right by the right knee like it’s buckling under the knee or something, but it looks awesome although the skin shader looks a little glossy imo.

Yes, she has some weird looking areas which I have to fix. The final pose will be sculpted to details so It will look much better (I hope), thanks for the comment.:yes:

Great job, she looks awesome.

Only issue I can see is the breasts area; they are a little too connected at their lowest point; mimor detail though tbh.

Good job!, for model and skin.

The only issue i see is hair…so you may tell us how is your skin shader???

Oh, the hair is just for not showing her bald! :D, I have to find a good tutorial on polygonal hair, and decide the hair style.

Yes, I’ll post the skin shader when I get home

Oh, you can check sintel cycles textures for hair (this one is cool), on this forum there is one, i don’t remember which user is but he or she shares a file with polygonal hair, i will take time to remember sorry!

There are other tutorials…let me see, this one

I’ll check more, just wait some

In the image in post 2 you can see the skin has a fresnel that goes to dark color in parallel faces.The correct would be going to a very light color of the skin for those parallel faces. Going to dark gives bad look for skin.

In first image in post 1 the eye to our left is weird because the side of the face there is lacking. Where the eye ends you have no head there. Look yourself in a mirror in that position.

Hey, megastor, thanks! I have to watch the tutorial. Here’s the node setup, but it’s not very good, as Bao2 points the specular fades to a dark color at glancing angles, where it shouldn’t. I’m trying to fix it.

you have to copy the image’s url and paste it on another window or tab to see it full size.

Note that I’m not using the RGB node here, I use it for tweaking skin color.

Bao2, you’re right about the fresnel, I’m working on it. About the face, it’s a harsh shadow that makes it look like theres no geometry there. Tanks everybody for your valuable criticism, I really appreciate it.

Bao: here you can see the geometry is there.

Awwh! Cycles, very impressive!

But that fresnel effect was awesome, In some areas fits perfectly so it’s doable, don’t throw it away!. Oh can see dark areas but it’s great!

Oh, yes, it was the shadow that created that impression to me.

But don’t go too mad with it. Until Cycles has SSS the skin is not going to look convincing.
I think it is better to wait for SSS that will be in 2.64 I think in around three months.

Here I’ve started the hair, although I’m not too convinced about the style. Not enough strands for a convincing hair yet, but I think It’ll end up quite good.

Is not that bad!

Hope not bother you but those renders are superb, how is your lighting/world setup???

Nothing special, just an environment HDRI, a big area light and a point light. The area light tinted pale yellow and the point light pale blue.