valid audio codec?

I’m trying my first lipsync, using that great wiki-tut. But the renders either come out black (but fast!) or the video is fine but there’s no sound, or I get a message stating that I need a valid audio codec.

I’ve downloaded and installed Quicktime, an AC3 codec from SourceForge, and a bunch of other crap that loaded me up with spyware.

This doesn’t seem to be a common problem, since sending people to that tut is usually the answer to most questions I see.

I’m using a laptop with an up-to-date, registered version of WinXP Pro, no video card or audio card, but everything works fine up til render time.

One answer I read had to do with “nothing in the pipeline” so there was nothing to sequence. But then the noob was pointed to that same wiki-tut.

Thanks for any help.

blender cant render video with audio, im not sure exactly wat u mean but i think htats wat u meant

Yes, blender can render video with sound through FFmpeg. I’ve never really got this to work well though.

I figure I’m learning Blender, I might as well use Blender. But golly gee whiz, I would like to put something on YouTube that my sister could see…And hear!

If I ever figure it out, and I’m quite sure I’ll need help to do that, I WILL write a tut on it!

But in that mean ol’ time, what do y’all use? I tried using that other program that was mentioned in the tut, but I got “streaming size” errors or something else that I’m clueless about.

Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!

someone needs to update with FFMPEG.

Basically, render your video and record your audio in a wave file. then in the VSE add the video and audio strips. Set your render output size to youtube standards, and your format to FFMPEG. When you click FFMPEG, two more tabs on that panel appear: Video and Audio. Choose your video codec, and integrate the audio. Click Do Sequence and Anim. The resulting avi or mpeg file (depending on the video codec you chose) will have integrated audio and video, ready for youtube uploading.