Valki keep dancing (demo)

Hi everyone,

Today i finished my demo of valki. It’s a 3d adventure, with puzzles and original system combat based on dance.

English version:
Spanish version:
(for this moment only for windows in a few of weeks compile for linux)

I made this demo for know opinion of players, Feel free to comment. If you see a bug or a mistake in english, please tell me.


Well it’s a good start :-D.

I like the overall style of the characters, but in my opinion the characters style is in contradiction to the Enviroment. Either improve the texture of the characters or use less textures for the enviroment.

The character controls are okay, but i wish i could walk sideways or atleast walk backwards. You can only walk backwards while in Dance-Mode.
It would be also helpful if you have atleast an L and R inside of the blank White cubes, so you know it’s left or right mouse button. it took me a while to find out how the Dance Move actually works and what it does :-D.
I only tested the english version and there are some parts where you still have the spanish original text.

However it’s an early version and you already built a cute little castle town with an interesting gameplay mechanic for the riddles :-D.
I wish you best luck on improving this project!

wow the music is great

#2 Thanks for your feedback. This weekend I was in Gamergy in Madrid (a videogames event) and I showed valki in a stand to know the opinion of the players.

This wiill be features in alpha 0.11
-Solve a few of bugs and lenguage errors
-Simple tutorial to explain controls
-Better control, with S to walk barckwards.
-Possibility to play with Gamepad
-Port to multitexture, GLSL is not compatible with a lot of graphic cards or take a lot of time to load a scene.
-Better color in compass (sometimes it’s hard to see)
-linux version

#3 The author of the music is

Sounds like a great news ,are you making all this game alone?
Anyway good luck with your project :slight_smile:

This reminds me of a game I played on the old Gameboy:D
Looking good, keep up the great work;)