Valkyr - Rescue ship WIP

Hi all. Here is the start of the Valkyr, a ship meant for rescue, but with some defensive capability.

Part 1: Cockpit / escape Vessel. This is the cockpit of the vehicle which also serves as a functional escape vessel in case of the Valkyr’s immanent destruction. I need to add the interior details and also still some exterior work.

Looking good so far, but the black lines are a bit too sharp.

Thanks…it’s a cage, though.

More details on interior, some details added on exterior. The ‘texture’ on the outside is the built-in Blender texture ‘clouds’.
Completely re-created the front console for better geometry.

Added some more details to the interior, although many of them are in the back “airlock” section. Threw in some stars just to see what it would look like. Started blocking out the main part of the ship.

Finished blocking in the body of the ship, changing the shape around here and there slightly to get the look I wanted. Started adding details. The VTOL thrusters are practically done except for some minor details, coloring and connection to the main body.

well, it’s been quite some time, but I have been working on the Valkyr from time to time in the middle of everything else.
Here is a shot of the bizarre panel structure I decided to put on it…notice the “teeth” in the nose, too…lol

then I kept changing the texture on it…here you can see I was using the built-in ‘cloud’ texture and changing it to a cell pattern. no matter what I did, I wasn’t liking the color scheme…

and here is where I’m at now…I think I’m almost finished with this puppy. My wings are rigged to come down and I had an impossible time trying to get the thrusters to rotate the right way because of the angle they came down at. Then I had the idea to pitch the huge round thrusters all together and made the fuselage thing you see here. It still works as Vertical Landing/Take Off. The Landing gear is animated to retract and the rear cargo door is rigged to open and close.

some additional images…