Valliant Black

I hope this is the spot to show this off!!!-
Anyway here are some recent screens from my game “Valliant Black”. I’m not using BGE, but I use blender for modeling, texturing, animating, and level editing.

Not a lot going on currently, the quest log is working, some basic movement…well that’s about it(3rd person cam too)…it wont be too difficult to add th other features as I’ve pretty much already completed this game once. I just wanted to re-write it because I learned so much my first go 'round…
…and here is an image of the updated trees…fixed ambient on the leaves…
Here are some screens of the “working” quest log. You can have 5 subquests at any one time(no not more). They are viewable using the big red quest buttons on the right of the quest log, and at the bottom there is an "abandon button…to abandon a sub quest of course…here is a muli shot of it

Very cool, what type of game? Also, what engine? What’s the game’s purpose?

Love the house and bridge models. NIcely textured!

I’m using the A7 engine. Code is lite-c, it is basically “C” with predefined structs and engine specific commands.
The genre is “action RPG” think zelda meets WOW(no online play though…sorry).
as far as purpose… I just like to do it, maybe sell it, but I would make it cheap $20 or so, but that is a ways off…and that might still be too much so…other than that It will be nice to put into a portfolio.
BTW: I am super proud of that bridge, 512 pow2 texture and < 250 polys…very well put together, as far as balance beetween texture vs. polys.

correction < 350 polys
the 2 story building is made up of 2 1024 pow2 textures and @1200 polys.

The bridge rocks. It actually reminds me of Fable: The Lost Chapters :blush: .

Great looking !
How much polys in the whole scene so far?

You can see anywhere from 10,000- 30,000 in any given frame…du to of course draw distance and culling…it varies greatly. FPS is hanging around 120(windowed, D3D locks to 60 fullscreen) on an amd x4200 ati x1650…semi mid-low specs by current standards.

<250 polys for the bridge?! Dude! That’s awesome!

Moved to Works In Progress as it’s not about the Blender Game Engine

Gotcha, sorry for that. Not quite sure where to post it, it is a game, but not BGE. Blender is the art tool.

I heard about A7 engine is good .
About game export in blender i think will be nice if Blender Runtime export for Play Station …

The first post has been updated.

Nice texturing!

Thank you, blame blender baking for the added life in the textures…
The first post has been updated again…and I had a few PM’s on another forum about these being generated(renders) and I assure you that…
1)they are renders, but in D3D realtime
2)these are in game shots running at 80-160 FPS at 1024x768 or 1280x800(my monitor is wide like most).

THESE ARE IN GAME!!!:smiley:

nice to see this project for the second time tonight (i was just over at the conitec forums a sec ago and saw your post here). When you first showed the project over there, i was just waiting for you to get a nice multi texture in there, and i have to say, looks beautiful. good job.

Nice texturing and nice model?
The guy seems to be a little bit off scale but maybe he is a dwarf or something.
Are you doing this on your own or are you part of a team?

First off thanks, as for “Guss”(Gostoff) he is a goblin…I can’t say much about him, it’s a major part of the story…
I am a one man show at this point, all code, art, and sound will be provided by me. The multitex terrain shader however is provided by loopx(he will be credited of course) from the conetic community.

I had another issue I ran across when adding items to the inventory, quest items actually, so…I’m having to rework it a bit…no big deal just set me back a week or two(always short on time). I updated the site though with some images of the inventory and stats panels etc…

Maybe it has set me back quite a bit. This always happens with a one man large scale project…unfortunately. I had some major problems with pointers(ughh) in the inventory system and I have been hunkered down trying to simplify things.

What do you use for a game engine?