Valton (my creature)

Even though I am juggling 27 million projects now, I’ve decided once again to start a new project. I am still continuing with the others, though. I couldn’t resist this project. With all these sci-fi flicks that are out, I couldn’t help but make a creature of my own. I watched part of Lord of the Rings yesterday for the first time. I don’t remember which movie it was, but the creatures in that movie were great. So anyways, here is the start of my creature. I named it a “valton”(let me know if that name is already taken). This project marks the end of my box modeling habits and the beginning of my poly-to-poly modeling. I started out with one plane…one. Somehow it offers more satisfaction to know that you started with one plane. Also, you can model much more accurately and there is very little guess work involved. Here’s the “valton’s” head:

and here’s its teeth:

I’m going to raise the upper gums up a little where they’re showing too much. Also, I’m going to put something on his head. I might put a webbed mohawk thing on there, but I’m not sure yet. If you have any ideas let me know. Feel free to critique what I have so far.

Right now it looks pretty dinosaur like and looks like it could be a reptile.

My suggestion is when you’re finished, put that thing under a sculpting session with one of the CVS builds.:slight_smile:

I started working on the body of the creature:

Its progressing , not much to crit so far but whats the little hole between the eye and the back of the head ?.

It’s supposed to be his ear. Like a dinosaur auditory receptor or something. I know, it isn’t very good.

nah its ok…right now just get the main shape and then get ready to be sculpted!

I just realized I hate the body. I was tryin to make it look kinda human, but now I wonder why. I’m deleting the body and starting over. I was trying to keep it from looking like a dinosaur, but it seems that that is how it will end up. I know the head is the reason it will look like a dinosaur, but I like the head, so I guess it will be a dinosaur.

get refs from google like search google for godzilla and raptors and look at how they are structured and built…that woould help you alot…i wish you the best of luck…