Value Not Excepted

Im trying to enter a value into the multiply node window as in the picture but
its not working. Im trying to enter 0.0015 but only excepting 0.001.

That is a display precision error, I believe that it is still applying your .0015, but it is just showing the rounded version in the UI

Could you use two multiplication nodes?

I thought of two multiplication nodes but did not try it.
Was easier if I had to fix my HDR in editor and I did.
I guess i can call this the 0.001 bug.
Sorry for misspelling “accept”.

Not a bug. As SterlingRoth pointed out, is just a display adjustment (an intentional one). The value will still be passed to the render as 0.0015, thought in the UI, numbers are trunkated to 3 decimal places. (to be more precise, the number can vary a little bit dued to floating point calculations, so you may actually be working with something like 0.001500000000165791258)