Valve Amp

Origionally created for the WC and rerendered for the satisfaction.

Higher res.

Nice! BI or Cycles?

Cycles, in the display you could see “Cycles rule”… Nice render; I’m not sure about the rough material, it’s a little bit excessive… on the other hand, the reflection of the front wood panel it’s too perfect, not very realistic…

Yes your right. Its probably the first time I got anywhere near photo real with one of my renders, and Im still learning Cycles and nodes as I go.
I havent had much experence with procedurels, usually uv maping every thing on low poly stuff.
I spent a short time trying to improve the valves and the stainless steel panel after the WC render, but flatened the bump to much and lost the engraving denoting the valve positions.
Thanks for the compliments and crits. I will spend a bit more time on it tomorrow.

Changed a couple of settings, and altered the camera position slightly to frame it a bit better. Toned down the crackle paint bump and redid the stainless steel. The engravings are just visable now. I decided to leave the wood front alone as it reminds me of a pool que I once owned with exactly the same finish. Im going to call this finished as I want to continue with the “Rum Stuff” pic in focused critique. Please feel free to comment, and I will try to improve my subsiquent renders.

Heres a higher res.