Valve simulation for fluids

Good afternoon (o;

I just followed a good tutorial where water flows out of a tap into a basin…really simple and impressive :wink:

Now my question…

Let’s say I want water to flow through a transparent pipe where in the middle sits a valve.
Would the fluid dynamics allow to render an animation where the valve opens slowly and more and more water flows out?

thanks in advance

Don’t see why not. You just have to define the blocking part of the valve as as fluid obstacle. The fact that it is animated doesn’t hurt the fluid sim. If there is an inflow for the water (instead of a fixed volume), there might be trouble when the adding water has nowhere to go.

Well it is worth a try…though calculation takes a long time as it always uses only one thread despite the settings…

Hmm…I’m really new to fluids…would a fluid volume flow into another object so it is emptied by time?

If I understand the question correctly, you are asking what fluid does when it hits something. Maybe in brief:

  • fluid is simulated only inside the fluid domain, so only objects placed inside can have any effect
  • objects defined as fluid obstacles mostly do what the name says. Fluid won’t flow inside, but instead around it, runs along the surface or splashes back, whatever
  • you can have multiple obstacle objects, no problem, all will be considered
  • obstacles can take the form of cavities for fluid to flow through
  • the fluid sim has no intrinsic notion of liquid being ‘inside’ of an object or another, but by declaring them all to be obstacles prevents it to flow through the volumes of the objects, which gives should give you the effect you want.

Summary: yes, it should work.

Well I am experimenting with something simpler at the moment what all the fluid types mean (o;

A simple cube set as fluid and initialized as volume stays visible when the fluid runs out…
haven’t found anything how to make the initial cube invisible…

Stupid me…just have to disable the rendering on the scene menu for the cube (o;

I am also trying to simulate flow of oil through pipes to valve and filters in a hydraulic circuit in 2.8. unable to find a correct video tutorial for long time. hope some help will come through and i will be very thankful