Valve SMD Import & Export Distortion

Hi! I apologize if this would’ve been more appropriate to post in the Animation & Rigging section, but I thought this was more technical.

Alright! There’s this free Source Engine based game\mod that I really love, but it lacks a lot of custom content. I’ve brought in custom player models before and Blender has been superb for that.

Recently, I was trying to do a first person modification to give one of the player classes a different sword. The process of doing this requires me to decompile the original model, edit, then recompile it. I did this with the first person model, but the fingers became distorted while in-game.

I thought this had to do with what I edited, so I tried the unedited version, and it compiled working perfectly. Then I tried simply importing the original model without modifying it, re-exporting it, and then compiling it. The fingers were distorted again. All the animations and such play perfectly fine in Blender.

So I took this one step further and tried the same exact thing with 3ds Max 2012 using its Wall Worm Tools, importing and re-exporting. It worked perfectly. So I’m guessing there’s something about the exporter that’s weird. I believe that as a new user I can’t post URLs, but if you search Blender SMD in Google, you should be able to find the addon for the import+export. Though I’m sure many people are familiar with it… I hope so anyway.

Going even further I found that when I used the version I exported from Max, imported to Blender, re-exported, it worked just fine too. At least I could probably edit it now, but… anybody have an idea of what’s going on?

It doesn’t make sense, because everything else in Blender has worked wonderfully with no problems.

And for reference, if it matters, I’m using Blender 2.71. Any information is appreciated.