Vampire Concept (New Version)

this is a little concept art for a vampire i did, basemodel modeled in Blender then sculpted in Z brush then textured in Blender and rendered with the Blender internal with some final touches in ps

And due to popular demand here is a new version

Oh my god. This is wonderful. I’m very honoured to be the first one who comments. 5 stars for me

in dire need of botox


“Wonderful” is NOT the word I would use. When I wake up :eek: now, for the next four nights, from my freakin NIGHTMARES after seeing that…that…wonderfully crafted image of grotesqueness…I will think up a different word. 5 stars. You wouldnt be the same guy that did the Zombie image, are you? At least he gave me a warning in the title…


That’s pretty frickin’ sweet. High five.

wow, really awsome stuff!!

the eyes are so evil, and looking right at you…awsome!..

the bottom of the model destroys the render for me though, like the end of the model is just a base or a box, no shoulders no chest, it kinds of ruins it. if anything i would crop the photo so that you dont see that detail…its just so realistic and awsome, then you scroll down and the base ruins the effect / life of the model…

4 stars…awsome face and eyes!

Wow, nice model! Great!
I agree that it would be much better not to see it cut off like that in the bottom part… But aside that it looks awesome. Textures are great, and the eyes… arghhh

Thats awesome 5 stars!!

To parrot what Super Wu said, the bottom of the picture ruins it for me but it is still great. 41/2 stars rounded up.

You should post this on CGTalk.

thanks everyone for you kind words
i see alot people dont like that you can see the end of the model and i can understand that but since this is just a concept maquette that is used for reference and not a finished illusration i think it´s appropreate.

very sexy beast you’ve got here !!!
another fine member for the gallery…

thats pretty wicked, 5 stars

Freaking scary…good job…

Woah! Again, at least 15 stars from me. Besides the fact that you can see the end bottom of the model, it’s a perfect work.

In my opinion the first version was better… But both versions are still perfect

Amazing. It looks much better now that you cant see the boxy bottom.
5 stars, insane textures.

This is not a 5 stars-work, its a 10 stars-work, but thats not possible to select :D…
This such a great, terrifying image.
Just WOW…awesome work man.

One of your best to date dannybear. Fantastic sculpt work.


Wow, freaky and great sculpting work.

great nosferatu! 5 Stars