Vampire-like monster

I’m still very new to Blender but I’m working with this zombie like monster, it’s Halloween, isn’t it? :wink:

Anyway, It’s my first attempt to sculpt something like a face so I would like to hear what you think of this, how I can improve it and what I can do better next time I try something like this.
You guys have any tips and tricks you want to share?

it’s hard to really say because so much of the model is hidden with this lighting. This chin n jawline makes it look more like an alien to me atm. How did you like the sculpting bit in blender?.. what version are ya using?

I really like the sculpting in blender, it really fun to work with! :slight_smile:
I’m using Blender 2.49b

Here’s a render without so many shadows if you would like to see it. I never bothered to make any eyes because I knew I would screw it up, and with the lightening I choose they wouldn’t be visible anyway…

Hey linuus, looks like you are off to an interesting start there, however if you are going for character models you really need to think about topology and edgeflow. Is there any chance you could show us some wires? In the meantime I would suggest checking out tutorials by Jonathan Williamson, they really helped me when starting to learn about head and character modelling.

This is his complete head modelling series that takes you through in depth how to model an accurate and proportionally correct human head with proper topology. However for what you are doing, and using scuplt (which I really admire you for btw, I suck at sculpting!), purhaps these two would be more relevent.

Hope these are helpful to you, and happy blending!