Vampire with room upd 5.19

This image will NOT auto-update anymore :slight_smile:

Since everyone is doing a head, my try, need help with texturing, I don’t really know where to start as I suppose uvmaker won’t work on this one.

I forgot, modelling time about 5 hours.


I have updated it, it was too straight, and I have corrected that with a lattice, but now I have a question, how do I make a latticed object stay as it should be, without being parented to a lattice?

Looks good man,…btw one way to map a head if you don’t want to do a full unwrap,…:

  1. make a generic skin tile ( you can find one in my texture boy thread )
  2. load the tile onto all faces
  3. Now make maps for the eyes, nose, etc, using the tile as the background
  4. Select the faces ffrom the eye region, load from window, adjust
  5. Repeat with other eye, nose, etc.

I’ve done this once before, can’t remember if this is how or now…
Click the object and press Alt+P (I think) and click Clear parent and keep transform (or something like that)

Updated with teeth.
You know guys crits and comments are nice too :slight_smile:


It doesn’t seem to work, but thanx anyway.

nice. really. comments:

  • the root of the ears (sorry for this english) are too long
  • the eyebrows are strange. anatomically incorrect somehow.
  • nose is very good! dont change it.
  • the body of the mandible is too thin for my eye

how this helps. keep on! cu

Materials? I’d try an oren-nayar shader with much less spec (and softer too).

nice modelling.

Awesome! Can we see a wire?


have you ever seen Buffy, the vampire slayer? I don’t like the vampire face in that show (though the show is very good IMHO), but the eyebrows on this thing are supposed to resemble that, but not much :slight_smile:


This head is actually created so I can texture something which is a bit more complicated than the bracer, (that’s one reason, the other is below) and these renders are just to show the model, I hope I get to texture it, and create nice specularity maps :slight_smile:

well, here it is:

Let me note I worked face by face actually forming even the ears out of the mesh, not connecting afterwards. That was the other reason I did this because I wanted to see if I could work with one mesh instead of many, like I did on Cthulhu, which I might never finish for that reason :frowning:

Thanx for the replies.

Looks great but I think you should give it a more pallid complexion, seems a bit tan for a vampire. You might try experimenting with translucency in your skin material as well.

WOW! :o Very well done Erufailon.

Topology looks very nice and very clean.

As for texturing, try a spherical unwrapin Blender and see what you get. Other than that, you will need to do planar, (From Window), unwraps and then peice everything together in the UV window to make sure you have no stretching.


Very nice. Good sculpting. Are you working from drawings?

Is the jaw and mouth area articulated yet? If so, I would be interested in seeing your IK.

Yafray render (Red background, hemilight getting it’s color from the background :slight_smile:


The materials on this one are just to show the model, not final ones at all.


Thanx, and gee, I’m not looking forward to unwrap this thing :slight_smile:


Thanx. No, I didn’t use any reference, I made it up on the fly.

What do you mean by the second question? If you mean if it’s set up for animation, than no.

I have tried to create some textures for this one, but… o well, see first post, and please suggest :slight_smile:

O, another yafray render:

Moved this post to finished to save download time.

Well, kinda bored I am, so I modelled him further.


I would make the cloak black, but I guess that is just the vampire stereotype thing.


It’s going to have black leather pants, so I need contrast :smiley:

It’s a toy anyway :slight_smile:

Thats really cool!!!

You know what would look cool? If you had the actual vampire and his clothes on separate layers and having something reflective with an Env map of just his clothes, (the old vampires don’t have a reflection cliche)

Also, howsabout a little blood on his chompers?

cool stuff man
I´d like to see his mouth shut