Hi all
I create character like a vampire
I have only head
Here is…


Bloody hell… that’s scary. Good work.

Maybe if you make the eyes look a lot more angry, it might look even more scary.

nice start. well done getting the def of the cheek bones. on the flip side his jaw is very thin. you have to remember that even though his mouth is wide open he still has the same sized chin.your better off moddeling the mouth half open and using a bone to open and close the mouth for posing.

Also you might want to try reshaping his eyes. remember your eyes taper the other way. i tend to find the best way to tackle your first characters is in bits. set your layer and create your eye (using a referance or it could all be out of scale) get it to your satisfaction (you want loops of verts running arround the eye to give it a natural shape) then the lips… again keeping the the nose last. making sure you have a referance that way you will get a much better feel fo the shape you are trying to achive.

but the best peice of advice i can give is remember the skull. once you have that down your characters will look much more impressive :smiley: hope it helps. il keep an eye on this. dont stop now.

little update…

Good work.


I actually liked him better without textures.

I think it’s because the face isn’t as white is what space.warp is missing. I would make it have a little bit more of a forhead though, looks a little too sloped imho. Also, perhaps apply a bit of a crease on the outer edge of the lips to give them a little more definition. Overall though this looks really nice, and very scary!! Perfect subject for the season.

i have only one suggeston: ADD BLOOD!!!(ok and another one:red eyes)

good work btw. good thing it’s not done yet because it’s late now and i think i wouldn’t mange to fall asleep

Thanks for your replys…

Last update head before texturing?

An amazing model! The Iris color is a bit too blue though. It makes him look far too healthy ^^

I agree about the “too healthy” comment. This guy actually looks like he’s in pretty good shape. What about discoloration around the eyes and veins under the skin? He’s supposed to look “Undead” instead of “not quite so dead”.

Also, are you aware that there is a mirror modifier in in the pre-release of Blender 2.40? It makes modeling such heads much easier as you only have to do the modeling for one side and the other is done automatically. Just a suggestion because I noticed your seam is indicative of the old technique of using ALT D and negative scale or mirror to duplicate.

This fellow also needs eyebrows, hair, and some more detailed skin wrinkles. Currently he’s got a very shiny porcelin look.

However!!! I love the style and the concept. If the back of the mouth didn’t look like cardboard and there were some blood/saliva in there, it would be quite intimidating!