Van Gogh's hair

my last project. hair and cycles gpu more resolution and workflow

Amazing! It’s a very creative use of the hair feature.

Great idea, and excellent execution!

amazing! really well done :wink:

Looks awesome, nice rendition of the painting.

Amazing!:eek: i love it!

Wow, this is what I call art!

That’s amazing! I have never seen this expression.

This is seriously impressive! Such a creative way of approaching the production of what looks like an old panting from a distance, but is an abstract array of shapes up close.

Brilliant! I love to see something different and this is also awesome.

It’s fantastic. I love things like this. Well done!

Fantastic stuff. 5 stars from me.

that is really cool! well done

thanks guys, I’m glad that you appreciated. and thanks for the stars :slight_smile:

Brilliant! :smiley:

Fun stuff. Would love to see your own work depicted this way.

This looks great, really innovative. I agree with Kemmler, looking forward to your own creations in this style.

Just WOW, simple and compex same time.

I think it’s very hard to get an original interpretation of such a well-known artwork…but you did it!! awesome! :yes:

This is beautiful. A real work of art.

Let’s see you do his Starry Night painting.

Steve S