Van Slanzar De Fanel *big pic*

Fan art I made for Escaflowne. I just bought a wacom tablet a week ago and I needed to learn how to use it. I haven’t drawn in years, so I figured I’d try to copy a picture.

While it didn’t turn out exactly like the original, I still like it. I sketched it first and used different layers to make it. You can read about the process on my blog at but if you just want to see the final piece, check it out:

What ya think?

The image is quite good.
The wrist holding the sword seems out of sync, not sure how to fix if you are aiming for perfection. I like the clothing, there is plenty of creases and shadows to keep the eye interested. And you have done more than me with your wacom - you have plenty of talent so keep it up!

Thanks! Like I said though it was a copy, just drew what I saw. I just used the smudge tool a lot for the creases and shadows and stuff. It really helped out, at first I was using guassian blur, but the smudge tool worked sooo much better.