Vancouver Blender User Group December 2019

Hey all! I’m going to copy and paste from the meet up page located here:

Hello! December is coming up, so this meet up will be a bit special. We’re going to do a gift exchange! The idea is to bring a gift (no more than $20), and put it in a pile. Everyone will take turns picking up a gift, and all gifts will be unwrapped once the last person has their gift. If you want to trade with someone, you’re welcome to at that point. However, if you don’t bring a gift, then you won’t be part of the exchange.

Asides from that, bring any questions, things you want to show off, or favourite ugly sweater! The gift exchange will likely happen at the end so we give everyone a good chance to make it to the studio.

If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, let us know! See you all there!

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