Vancouver Island

Anyone from Vancouver Island using Blender?

Yup, I am in Black Creek and I know of another Blender user in Courtenay.

That’s cool - Im in Nanaimo/Lantzville area

I would like to meet up with other blender users on the Island if possible - maybe form a Vancouver Island Blender Users Group?!?!

Email me if you are interested: [email protected]

I would be interested in joining the fray if you all get together. I am only an hour drive of Port Angelas WA and the ferry to Victoria. It would be a fun day trip!

Ciao for now!

Curtis S

Off topic:

I’m thinking of vacationing or moving out there. How’s the weather/life in Vancouver? Is Vancouver the same as Vancouver Island or near the columbian river gorge? I’m from the East Coast (NJ).[/list]

Well, I live quite close to Vancouver Island… I live in just a bit south of Vancouver, in a nice little city called WhiteRock. I went to Vancouver Island like, twice before though. Nice place, but I still think the capital of B.C should be Vancouver and not Victoria ;o

PS: I do plan on using Blender but all the keyboard keys memorization is annoying !

I’m in Surrey. If any of you guys want to visit, I work at Sprite Computers in Whalley (near the Gateway skytrain station) on Saturdays.

hey Curtis S

We’re trying to arrange a meeting sometime soon - Ill keep you posted - email me: [email protected]

To answer Scorpius Question about the west coast -

its very beautiful here - if you like outdoor activities this is the place to live - here’s a small list of things to do on Vancouver Island:
-lots of hiking
-lots of camping
-lots of fishing (the lakes are the best)
-mountain bike riding
-on and on and on…

I used to live in Vancouver - and one day I went to Victoria to visit a friend - 3 months later I moved to Victoria I loved it sooo much.

If you want any more info email me: [email protected]

To NetMapel: Blenderboard.gif

I can’t remember who made the blenderboard key command layout but it helps so much - print it off and posted it somewhere near your computer.