Vancouver or Full Sail

Im still in high school but i was wondering which one of these schools is better ill take any opinion unless its about Obama.

Chickens should be roasted, not twirled about over your head by their necks and flung into a pit of ravenous demon hamsters with pointy teeth. This ruins the meat.

Oh… I guess it’s not just opinions about Obama you don’t want then…

In all seriousness though, it’s a good question. I’ll be listening intently for the answer as well. If all goes as I plan, eventually I think I’m going to FullSail.

yeah i hope to go to one of them but umm… there pricey as hell

My brother went to Full Sail’s audio engineering course and before he even graduated he had offers from studios, one of which was to work directly under a guy who has won a couple of Oscars for his work in films. He turned that one down.

If their 3D courses are as good at training as their audio courses then I believe Full Sail would be a better choice, but the best way to find out would be to ask some of the students who have graduated from the course you want to take or to ask recruiters which of the two schools look better on a resume.

I toured Full Sail once while my brother was there, and the place was intense, but it’s REALLY hard. They warn you before you even start that they have a really high percentage of drop-outs who just can’t hack it. They work you sometimes several days with only a few hours of sleep in order to prepare you for the sort of crunch-time hours you’ll have to deal with in the industry.

Their tuition covers room & board and the cost of a computer, tho, so there’s really no reason to not graduate unless you just can’t hack it. I dunno much about Vancouver, so I can’t really make an unbiased recommendation.

Well thanks for the advice its cool that they work you that hard i think but to bad blender isnt a industry software yet. now i got to learn Maya from scratch!