Vandalism on the wiki?!?!

I just spotted this in the Compositing/Node Editor section of the wiki manual under “View, Selec, Add Header Menus”:

These popup menus provide the basic functions:

  • View - This noob menu changes your view of the window, standing in for the standard keyboard shortcuts + zoom - or mouse actions.
  • Select - This noob menu allows you to select a node or groups of nodes, and does the same as typing the hotkey to select all A or start the border select B process.
  • Add - This menu allows you to add nodes. Please see the next section for a discusson on the types of nodes that you can add, and what they do. Clicking this menu item is the same as pressing space when the cursor is in the window
    Notice the bold…

Anyone mind if I edit that? :cool: I doubt it was meant to be their…

Let me know what you think.

[PS: It’s ok to be a newb :D]

Had I written it, I would have said “This lame beginner’s crutch menu” myself. If you really wanted to be polite, you could remove the “noob” thing, but I think it should still be stated that the menu is really a poor way to issue the command.

Well whatever, I don’t care myself, I was just wondering if anyone else thought it might be vandalism, since it could be interpreted as offensive.

[Especiall by newbs :p]

OH, its locked to editing anyway…:cool:

I think that was an attempt of humor. At least that’s what it says in the editing history.

Anyway I removed the noobs from the page. Sincere apologies. :wink:

lol it is a noob way of doing a sertain action

just leave it as is, as not everyone can just change the contrent of the page

Oh no problem, I was just concerned someone might think otherwise:D

Actually; I’ve read that the two different spellings mean different things:

“Noob” refers to someone who is new to something, but is being arrogant and trying to be cool and everything, and is unteachable…[derrogatory]

“Newb” refers to someone that is new and willing to learn.

actualy its all the same thing, noob and newb are taken from the gaming slang and they are all teh same thing, like when i first started gaming the word “newb” didnt even exist

it was proly some moran that spelled it who didnt know how to spell the original word


Well at least on that’s how they differentiate.

I like that idea and think it should be made “official.”

i think it should be changed to boob…

Noob and Newb are very similar but:

“Newb” means to be a beginer but learning. And “Noob” means being someone who thinks he knows how to play but cant really. Like so:

I love that website. :smiley:

LOL!!! That’s great :smiley:

LOL you perv :stuck_out_tongue:

lol that is f-ing funny.

I’ve worked in advertising and design now for - err - a while and I’ve been constantly amazed by the number of colleagues who have years of experience, even design diplomas, but still navigate everything via menus. For some people, that’s the way to do stuff.

Other people start out with menus and learn the shortcuts as they progress - if the shortcuts are listed on the menus.

Sometimes you just don’t know or can’t remember a specific shortcut and the menu comes in handy. Okay, maybe this shouldn’t happen with view and select commands but hey, people aren’t perfect :slight_smile:

If we start insulting everyone who doesn’t do things like a veteran we might alienate some valuable future members of our clan. We all start somewhere.

Don’t think of it as an insult… it’s an incentive for growth!

Don’t think of it as an insult… it’s an incentive for growth!

Ahh yes, but it all rests in the mind of the beholder :slight_smile:

People’s cognitive skills differ. I, for example, think better in pictures or even in stupid poems. I recall two specific things from my high school chemistry days for this reason. 1: A text book showed a cartoon of a truck installing a bridge across a valley. The bridge was from the CATALYST bridge company. 2: “Here she lies cold and placid, she added water to the acid. The other girl did as she oughta, she added acid to the water”. Thirty years on and I remember them like it was yesterday (no, chemistry has played no significant part in my life since). Other students would have forgotten them the next day but might still remembered the lessons contained in them by other means.

For some people, menus make sense, that’s why GUI’s became so prevalent in the first place - they opened computers up to people who didn’t think in code (keyboard shortcuts are essentially code) or who thought they couldn’t think in code. Shortcuts are great. As an old Quark Xpress user (once renowned as having one of the most extensive applications shortcuts) I truly appreciate them - but I’m not everybody.

Telling people they SHOULD use shortcuts is like telling me I should buy a 3-button mouse despite the fact I fly along with my one-button mouse (in my left hand too!!!).

Just a thought :wink:

Change the noob to newbie and it would sound much more proper.

Looks like some grown-up teenager wrote the lines …

Ooops, I guess I should have called the wikibook “Blender 3D: Newb to Pro”. Where were you internet vocabulary Nazis when I was writing the book? :wink:


Good thought.

I like menus better simply because I come from playing RTS games[Command and Conquer:D], so I’m more of a clicker because of that I think.

Doesn’t matter if you use menus or shortcuts…work the way that’s best for you!

Thanks for reminding us…fix it now or be assimilated!!! :smiley:


So you wrote it? Do you intend to finish it? That would be an AWESOME resource.

Especially if you made a print version…

Personally, I like menus. We likely all use the spacebar menu. Many like myself may use the view menu for simple reasons. I’m on a laptop, and I’m more comfortable just clicking then moving my hands from there position. Its faster for me.

What I wish blender had was a small viewport navigation widget of some sort. Something like Messiah or Lightwave’s. Along with a viewport switcher so I can switch between the various views from within the window. That may all seem silly to some, but there are times that I don’t have access to my mouse but need to use Blender on a project. So I’m stuck with the trackpad on my laptop.

Anyway. I’ve been becoming increasingly disappointed with certain members of the Blender community, I’m all about having fun, but lets be civil and polite. And not make wisecracks in the wiki. Lets all just have fun using Blender, share our knowledge with noobs and newbs and move on.

Well, I guess I need to stand up and be counted. LaughingCheese, (if that is your real name), I admit that I wrote most of the node stuff, and yes, am the person who coined the now somewhat controversial phrase, “noob menu”. It was meant in the lightest of manner, as BeBraw inferred. I also recall that as I was writing the section, I was trying to decide if I should go into each menu item in detail. After seeing that the menu did not offer any features other than the basic keyboard shortcuts common to other areas, and out of deference and respect for the effort put forth by the “Noob to Pro” author, coined the phrase. I was not aware that anyone would take offense at being labelled a Noob, and most certainly did not intend any. I was a Noob once, and still am in certain areas of Blender, and do not mind admitting that I have much to learn.

I think we need to turn this term around. I think that to be called a Noob is to be admitted to the brotherhood; to be akin to a younger soul who has joined a much larger fraternity; one bound in spirit and willingness, steeped in courage, and possessing the intestinal fortitude to venture forth and learn new things, expand one’s own horizons, and to learn, sometimes simply for the pleasure one can derive in the pure pursuit of knowledge apart from profit. We brothers understand our kinship, are secure in the fellowship we share, depend on each others’ support, and lend a hand wherever we may be. Blenderheads Unite!

Ps - I hope noone is offended at being called a BlenderHead. It’s my Xbox gamertag…