Vanderrock (update: Jun. 9 '05)

Seeing some of the other projects going on around here lately, I’ve decided I’m going to work on my own robot as well. A friend of mine requested I name him Vanderrock, which, while it works, probably won’t suit the goal I have in mind for a finished project. But we’ll see how it goes. I’ve started from the bottom up, so here is a foot, and part of a leg.

This morning I spent the majority of my work on the knee and telescopic connector that will allow the knee to bend. It’s going to be the same, mirrored, on the other side so you get the idea (this is the left leg from behind by the way).

I am guessing that the extended cube there is the foot. You need to change that if you werent already planning on it. Giving it a different shape with “claws” woould look better. Just look at some of the mechs on here or even some robots.

Looking good so far!
What’s the purpose of this robot?

I’m working on a robot too, not as good as this.

Yeah the foot is likely to change, though it’s going to be far from being a mech It’s going to have a lot more cartoony look and feel.

Well originally it was going to be used in a small animation I was considering, but at this point that’s a long way off, and will be difficult at best with the telescopic tendon for the leg and most like the arms (If I add any, at this point my concept drawing, which unfortunately I don’t have scanned in, doesn’t include arms).

I don’t know how much I’ll get done before I head to work tonight though I’ll have another update in the morning. So far I know I have to fix the outer portion of the telescopic tendon to be longer, and something else for the foot. And of course start adding a body.

Further update to Vanderrock:

[edit]Old image removed as it is now obsolete[/edit]

I’ve started added the head/body, the hip joints and pins, and fixed the tendon in the back to more the appropriate size.

Still todo, add tendons from the underside of the head, to the legs, and work on the facial features. If at this point I stick with my sketches, there will be no arms, but we’ll see as the model progresses if that remains to be the case.
Looking now, the hight of the “calves” seems a little short, so I may raise them and the knees some, though I know I will be lowering the body from what it is currently, and the leg positions as they are now as while he’s standing at his highest, which will rarely be the case. (Kinda like marvin, but only in disposition, not physically).

:o …D’oh!!! :<

:expressionless: While editing last time, I seemed to have forgotten on very important step in my haste… I forgot to save. So everything I had accomplished last time was gone, and I was back down to just one leg again.

So I went through everything all over again and managed to get myself back to where I was previously. So the todo list still remains, but at least I have my model saved this time. And I think I managed to get it looking a little better this time too maybe… Anywho, so here’s an up-to-date image as to where Vanderrock stands now