vanishing character

hi everyone.
i’ve been attempting to make a fan game based on the Legend of Spyro games and i’m haveing problems with the characters, mainly this one:
the problems are mainly these:
1st, i can only make one action. i’ll make the second one, then check to make sure the first one is still there (it usualy is) and then i save, quit then come back later and the first action is gone, but the second one’s still there.
2nd, when i go into the game engin, the character disapears
i made the character and riged her in 2.59 but i changed to 2.62. could that have effected it?

You have to hit the “F” button next to the action name, blender deletes all actions that don’t have a user upon quitting/closing the .blend. The “F” button makes a fake user of the action, so it will be saved, even if it isn’t attached to an object.

thank you!

and concerning the second problem: the character is only visible in the game if it’s armature is also on an active layer.

i tryed that, but she still disapears

Okay, here are my observations of the problem:

  1. Removing the parenting relationship from the mesh to the armature seems to help a bit.

  2. Applying the scale to the dragon is a good idea, though it will then go very far down (for some reason).

  3. You’ve got everything set to Dynamic, which is a big no-no. Only the collision box of a character should be dynamic - objects that are parented to the collision box (which you don’t appear to have one of) should be set to No Collision.

  4. The mesh should be parented to the armature to animate, but the armature should be parented to the collision box (once you make one). Also, the eyes should either be merged in with the body mesh, or also set to No Collision and parented to the armature.

  5. The ground / room the dragon is in should be static.

This didn’t completely fix the issues on my end, but maybe someone else can pick things up.

I would also say that there’s far too many bones for an NPC. 100 bones is quite a lot, even for exceptionally detailed characters. I would say that even games with only one or two characters on screen at a time, like Shadow of the Colossus, had probably under 100 bones per giant, and they were bosses.

I’m not sure if these suggestions will make the mesh appear, but in troubleshooting, they were issues that probably need to be fixed. Finally, did you make this armature and mesh yourself? I say this because it seems to me that this is an issue with how the mesh and animations were imported, as a normal mesh made in Blender wouldn’t disappear under usual circumstances.

EDIT: I don’t want to come off as being rude - these are just things that I found that appear to need to be fixed.

what did you mean by ‘aplying the scale’?
yes i made it, but i did get help from a friend, although it shouldn’t have caused an issue because he used blender too, but it was a much earlyer version (2.53 i think)
i’ll lower the nuber of bones. besides makeing it go a bit faster, what diferance would haveing less bones make?

Alright so I found that if you delete the big A$$ cube you can see your model. In the outliner you have its renderability restricted which is good but for some reason its still acting as an occluder of sorts. I would look more at this but I am going to get some grub.

Less bones would make the size of your file less bloated and animating has to be a chore with 100 hundred bones.

When your in object mode you can look at the scale of your model in the info panel inside your window. You want the scale to be a 1 : 1 ratio because scale will affect everything down the line (uv’s, animation playback). The easiest way to fix this is by applying scale and rotation if they are not 1 and 0 respectively.

my big a$$ cube has disapeared. i probably deleted it and forgot though XD
ok, my character is staying on screen now, but she’s falling through the static floor.
btw, i realised there was a bit of confution just then. she’s not an NPC, she’s actualy the main character, just thought i’d clear it up :D.

Yeah it was falling for me too , seemed maybe that cube was acting as the floor also, you might need a new ground plane.

I still would recommend against having so many bones, even for the main character. Probably even more so, since you’re going to be seeing them all of the time, and so the game engine will always have to animate the character (i.e. you can’t make the game run a bit more efficiently by not animating the character when they’re not onscreen).

EDIT: If you’re that dead-set on having 100 bones on your character, go ahead, but know that it will almost certainly run slow, especially as you add more objects and characters to your scene.

no, i’ll reduce the number of bones. obviously i should take out the toe bones, but which ones would you recogmend i delete?