VANITAS - 3D Short Animated Film

“VANITAS” is a 3D short animation that explores the theme of environmental pollution, climate change, war and virtual world escapism. The animation serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the consequences of humanity’s current actions.

I created the animation using Blender 3.4 (modelling, rigging, rendering using EEVEE), Mixamo (rig-generation), ZBrush (sculpting), Substance Painter (texturing), Pexels (video overlays), GarageBand (audio editing) and DaVinci Resolve (post production, colour grading, editing).

Writing, Direction, Sculpting, Texturing, Animation by Stephan Ogris-Levin
Narration by Chuck Brown
Music by Jeremy Soule - “Jafnan”

You can watch the full animation here:

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