Vanitas Still Life

I redid a previous version of a Vanitas Still Life (, improving the skull and texturing.


Nice skull and book, but the rest of the objects don’t quite measure up. Their selection also feels haphazard. What is that butter knife doing there? Why are there two cups, one of which is knocked over, but there was nothing in it?

Still, good effort :slight_smile:

“Yeah, I agree …” Compositionally speaking, there are things here that you haven’t found yet." I find that my eyes wander all over the frame, searching for the story . . . And so, this really isn’t about the rendering – which generally is excellent – but the visual storytelling.

Keep working it. You’re on to something really-good here . . . “Memento Mori” is of course a classic theme.

For instance: “physical photographer that I still am,” I reflexively grab for my “cropping tools.” I slice the right side, leaving only a bit of the cup. I cut the top just above the skull. Move the piece of paper, and the watch. Discard the knife because I don’t know what it adds. Make the text on the side of the book clear – if it’s supposed to matter – and if so feature it. Move the candlestick, discard the second cup …

Things like that. Kill your darlings.” (They will thank you for it.)

Thank you very much for the feedback!