Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

I love the traditional Vanitas paintings of the Renaissance and Baroque. This is my attempt to recreate such a scene. Completed mostly in Blender, the detail of the skull was created in Zbrush from a blender made base mesh and the final render was made using Thea render. Thanks for looking. Uploaded with

Whoa, I love the harmonic colors and the feel to the scene. It’s a nice addition to have a human silhouette in the mirror and speculars. It looks like some sort of altar, memorial or something of great value giving the table is there by itself in the room. It’s a little noisy is some areas, but the level is low enough to contribute to instead of neglecting the scene.

Nicely allegorical and very nice render seanser. By the way I recognize the mirror from Van Eyck’s painting The Arnolfini Portriat, I was also inspired by this painting earlier this year :slight_smile: Regards

I’m really impressed by this, I love the color, and the modeling is spot on. I absolutely love the different themes brought into this image. The new life elements brought out by the butterflies and fresh flowers is perfectly contradicted with the old elements like the almost burnt out candle and the human skull. Brilliant :wink: