Vanity Question: do you like my new avatar?

Well, do you?

No. I don’t like Bush and I don’t like the cloaky thing. It looks like star wars (which I don’t like). I’m just full of hate.


it’s cool :wink:

i dont even know what your old one looks like

lol, i Dont like bush either and i dont like star wars lol

I just don’t like bush…


A better question would’ve been, " ?"

lol :smiley:

i think its funny. its better than mine. that one comes straight from the whitehouse website.

I assume his is anti-Bush though…

Just like sigs, it’s a safe place to put your political views without having to defend them. Well, I won’t stand for that.

Why, laniru, do you hate Bush? Why did you compare to a tyrant (like the Emporer from Star Wars)?

Bush wearing another badly taylored suit?

On the contrary, I think that one fits him quite well. :wink:

LOL. The evil emperor :smiley: I take no sides in this election but that IS funny.


DIE DIE DIE!!![/quote]

is that because of bush or starwars?

Anyway I find this joke… not funny! what next? John Kerry wilding a green lightsaber?

The latter.

I find it funny just because it’s in jest, he doesn’t actually think he’s evil. If he does then I don’t think it’s funny.

Wow, a couple of youngsters here that don’t like Star Wars and Bush altogether.

Oh well, personally I like the old Star Wars, not like the new one.
And personally I don’t like the old Bush, like the new one.

It’s just an opinion, no need to break your balls over it.

BTW, your avatar is a little to much copy/paste. Needs some shadow in the face.


You say a couple of people who don’t like star wars. I only saw one.

If you’re saying it’s me you mis understood. Star Wars I love.

You just wait…

right now it’s “president” Bush…

eventually it’ll be “Supreme Chancellor” Bush,

and finally “Emporer” Bush…