Vanity Question: do you like my new avatar?

some sort of paranoia?

You say a couple of people who don’t like star wars. I only saw one.

If you’re saying it’s me you mis understood. Star Wars I love.

No, I wasn’t talking about you, but that’s okay. :wink:
BTW, you only saw one? I hope one of the old ones… (sorry for being nostalgic)

right now it’s “president” Bush…

eventually it’ll be “Supreme Chancellor” Bush,

and finally “Emporer” Bush…

Oh no! You just gave away the big plot… %|

but the in part 6 t…

i shouldnt give away the end.

You’re one to talk, I hate smoking, cats, drugs and red-eye photos :x. It’s not political though, so I’m not bothered ;).

As for the new avatar, I thought it was a hippie rockstar you’d superimposed Bush’s face onto. The Star Wars theme is difficult to make out. Also, as people mentioned it looks like a copy/paste job - he needs to look more evil with shadows. He just looks dumb as usual.

If you want to make him look evil, put horns on him and give him a little red fork. Then you’ll have the Christians and the political extremists after you hehehe

I shall have to contemplate these possible changes you speak of.

Actually I made this avatar and posted this thread at 3 in the morning the other night… after a long day of work, and long evening of tech college classes… and a long night of not being able to think of what to do in blender…

I have alot of nights lately where I sit and stare at the default cube…

By the way, the trailer for Episode 3 comes out November 4th… Anybody going to see “The Incredibles”? It’ll before that movie. In the States anyway.