Vantajao Animation

Hello Internet! Last month me and my friend André work together on a very cool project for the Alopra studio. The job was to do an animation with about ten seconds for a grocery store called Vantajão. I was responsible for doing the modeling and look development, André did the rigging and animation, the people from Alopra did all the direction, art direction, animatic.

Thankfully we could use the Blender 2.79 and the amazing new features like Filmic and Denoise, to render the animation from our home computers with a pretty good noise free quality. So big thanks to the Blender developers! :yes:

Hope you like and feel free to comment or ask anything.


very well! look seriously professional.

could we have rendertime per frame average and used hardware ?

sharlybg, thank you sir! Overall the render time per frame took less than 10 minutes. In Andre´s pc something about 5 min per frame and in my pc a little bit more, between 5 and 10 min per frame. We separated the character from the background, so the background and static objetos, we just had to render once. The shadow we rendered half of the final size (FullHD) and in the composite we scaled it up and give a little bit of blur.

Here some more images of the project.


And here a little bit of my modeling process.

Starting blocking the big shapes with almost primitive objects, send to the client. Get the feedback and adjusted the big shapes, refine everything, added the fingers blocking. Getting the big shapes right with the client will assure less alterations later, usually. Then get more feedback, merge it all together with boolean union, I use an addon called Booleans Sculpt, and start sculpting the details.


Awesome! Highest quality, as aways.

Thank you Bruno! :slight_smile: