Vapour GT by Gray Design

Hi there,

I switched to Blender at the beginning of the year and absolutely love it. I used to be on Maya and Maxwell Render but find my workflow has almost doubled in speed since I’ve grown accustomed to the new environment.

Here’s our latest project, the Vapour GT by Gray Design.

A few facts, it was completed in three days, rendered with Cycles, post production in Fireworks (!). It was developed to promote our daughter company, Zeus Twelve, and is intended to be part of a mobile app later in the year.

Gray Design


Here’s a few more shots.


Woah, that’s incredible! Design is amazing, and rendering too! I’ve checked the website and actually as far as design goes, I’ve gotta say the Scionne is my favorite tho… but I’m just not a supercar guy.

This design is fantastic. Pretty cool and very futuristic!

What a nightmare to model :eek: Really nice work!