Hey guys! I want to show you my latest render. Learned a lot with this. I know there is a lot of stuff to improve, but i need to start another project so i´m gonna call it done. Well, what you guys think?



I like the scene a lot. But yes there is a lot of things you can improve. The most glaring being the low poly reeds and the super angular bends. There are also some lighting issues. for instance the light is so diffuse the taps and other things sticking out of the walls have no shadows at all, and the light in the bright areas totally blows out the picture. Another problem with the diffuse lighting is that none of the textures get picked up, it all looks sort of blurry and bland.

On less important matters I don’t really understand the purpose of the tap on the far wall, nor why the taps have that weird neon stuff on them. It looks like the closer tap has a bit of water coming from it? It also looks odd. Last thing is the chair models, the chair back really belongs on the other side.

Hey man, thanks for your reply, i tried to reproduce a picture, and there’s a tap on that wall, i don’t know why, but…

The light was kinda blown out in the picture too. The roof really bothers me too (bother? Is that word right?). I gonna upload the picture and If You can give me your advice i would be Glad.

Thanks man, i’m really trying to improve.


[QUOTE=Falconius;3278994]Another problem with the diffuse lighting is that none of the textures get picked up, it all looks sort of blurry and bland.[/QUOTE

marcelboy - What did you mean by “textures didn’t get picked up”? :slight_smile: Do you mean the diffuse light quality\sampling?

Hey guys, here is the original photo i was trying to reproduce: As you can see, the light is really diffuse and kind blown out too. I guess i exagerate in that effect though.

The chair back is in the wrong side at the picture too, at least appears to be.

That neon stuff is a piece where you put the hose. Is translucent, not neon.

Thanks for ou tips.

I meant that the bump mapping is unnoticeable it’s all just one overly flat surface.

I see why I didn’t notice the shadow from the tap, I assumed it was a water stain on the wall because the shadows appear to be going straight down in yours.

For the tap attachments I suggest using a single colour for the main body instead of the two you got there. I also suggest that the colour you chose is just too bright, they should be unnoticeable. Likely making it translucent only makes this brightness effect more intense.

The chair in the picture is slightly more delicate than the one you modeled. The chair back does look like it’s attached to the back, but it’s not. I’ve seen that style before (My cousins have some and they are still actually uncomfortable since the straight back posts still dig into your shoulders/sides, it’s why you almost never see chairs with straight back posts) and really what is happening is that it’s attached in the middle of the upright posts and curves out backwards.

The lighting in the photos seems warmer (more yellow/orange) than yours does. The colours in the photo also look less saturated, for instance the floor seems brighter and more unified in it’s colour. The texture you have has some pretty serious contrasts going on that just don’t really work as well.

Anyways that’s my two cents.

Ok man. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try to render It again with those improvement.


Lots of great detail. Beautiful work! :slight_smile: