Vari hunt

Don’t know if I will make it as of exams.
But probably, if not for bgmc, will get it ‘done’.
(UPDATE: didn’t get to finish it for bgmc :frowning: )

Recreating an old idea from scrap…

  • real vision
  • animated grass
  • glitch monster
  • intel hd4000 30fps {now more demanding}
  • 60fps 730M


  • Player is now more scary.
  • Enemy can move
  • Enemy can poke you with red candy
  • Grass now supports better dumb light
  • color lights
  • negative energy (black aura)
  • Spot light for enemy ( gun mounted flashlight )



  • Better assets

  • bushes

  • trees

  • bonfires

  • enemy

  • Unified enemy logic handler ( logic brick spaghetti currently)

  • UI

  • Skydome / clouds - lightning

  • Better vision handler ( when player in vision cone then… )

  • Advanced logic

  • pathfinding

  • multiple enemy

  • motion/noise detection

  • Sound ( no idea how to get/create; help please?)

Scared of whats in the dark?
Well , now you are that.
You are the shadow in the fields.
You are the hunter and they be the prey.


Any contribution is welcomed,
any resource from this is free to use.
(would post in resource,but my work quality is to low)

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nice scene, could you post a link so we could examine how you did that setup… very interesting indeed…

At this stage you are on you own.
Nothing is commented.
Mostly no one credited yet.
(Solarlune, Thatimster,… )

Basically a timer sine shader with dumb light.
And a pixel counter and FOV adjusted camera.

cool thanks so much!

This is looking cool. I like the detection feature, how is it calculated?

  • Camera zooms on the player to keep the resolution constant(FOV,camera millis).
  • Render the view twice: with and without the target.
  • Count the pixel difference ( how much the two images differ).
  • [not done] adjust for distance

Less glorious than it looks.

edit: ouh, and thanks for the rain texture :smiley:

Nice, this is creepy even without sound! :slight_smile:

I am kinda late to reply, but wow, nice video.
I usually am too lazy to do the record-edit-upload-describe routine.
Thanks :smiley:

About the sound, I’m not very talented in that respect.
Maybe, at some point, I will try to search for some free sound resources.

Also, in general, I have updated the main post and game.

As for sound I find it sometimes really hard to find what I need, so plan on wasting some hours there. Though they will for sure pay out! Getting environmental sounds shouldn’t be too hard. Add some rain sound, some wind sound, leaves in the wind sound effects and some when you move through the grass. Also what can work very well for the ambience is some subtle music. You could have a look at Kevinmacleod for that.

very cool VJ!

re: sounds

I once made sounds for a VR slenderman style game.
Feel free to use:
footsteps based on (cc0) and cricket based on (cc0)

I think one of these would fit perfectly too:

these are actual recordings i made. best door i ever met.

Thanks :slight_smile:
This makes things a lot more easier.

Also, what is the deal with the site?
If i don’t plan to profit on this game can I use the resources from there?
Do I credit them by mentioning them in the project?
Not really smart on using other people’s IP.

Check - each sound has a license logo & link below the download button. Hope this helps.