Variable material conditions by light source

Hi Blenderartists,

Anyone here know whether it’s possible to make materials behave a certain way depending on what the light source is? For instance one example would be to make say volume scatter / absorption react to emit sources only, not to other bounces. Or for some glossy material to reflect light that’s closer much stronger than something from far away, or vice versa. Or even go so far as use it in a mix fashion like if the light is from far (some threshold) you get material A and if it’s close you get material B.

All the above would allow for strange surreal materials for things like holograms or special effects animation I think, or at the very least you could add minute effects to a scene without it messing with too many of the other materials (say volume scatter being active only in certain regions and affecting only certain objects). I understand some of that can be achieved by tweaking light falloff and the like, but it would be good if there’s a function to more directly override how light behaves on a certain material.

Anyone know? I’m sure it’s possible to do with something in light path node and the like, I just don’t know it well enough. Thanks!