Variable Python Dictionary title? (BGE python Help needed)

So here is my initial code:

Dora = {“Skill” : “1111”,
“Speed” : “2222”,
“Money” : “3333”}

Sammy = {“Skill” : “1111”,
“Speed” : “2222”,
“Money” : “3333”}


The current code functions quite fine, but is not what I am trying to achieve.
So my question is, can I make Sammy in print(Sammy[‘Skill’]) become a variable?
IE: depending on circumstances it could be Sammy[‘Skill’], and other times it could be Dora[‘Skill’]
I’ve tried messing around with %s commands, but so far have not figured out a way to achieve this without python refusing my code.

Why not have the names themselves be dictionaries that associate to their corresponding stats dictionaries?

characters = {“Dora” : {“Skill” : “1111”, “Speed” : “2222”, “Money” : “3333” },
“Sammy” : {"Skill … etc etc

Sorry if I botched the syntax, haven’t touched python in a while.

Ideally that would work. I substituted my original code to simplify the issue.
Basically, I’d like it to look for whichever character is “active” (closest, talking to, attacking, whatever), and return their attributes.

IE: Sammy attacks the player, Check his stats against the player, then Dora attacks, check her stats.

I want to read ____[‘skill’] vs player.
With ____ being the “active” character