Variable Wood Texture via Randomized Noise Distortion

I made this wood shader for handling multiple objects of like-cut wood, such as these Jenga-style blocks:

It is accomplished by applying a noise texture to the UV vector using an “Image Mix” node. Details on this specific technique can be found here:

Greg Zaal’s blog is a GREAT source of information.

In my case, the Object Info “Random” output is fed into the Distortion parameter of a plain-jane "“Noise Texture” node. It is further added to the base texture UV vector using “Vector Math” in so that the grains do not line up.

I was pretty surprised how well it worked.

Here is the setup for the texture mapping section:

I have also included the blend file, but I do not have distribution rights for the wood texture itself, but can be found herefrom the publisher. Any wood should work with tweaking.

Jangle! File

Very nice technique. I don’t think it will work for close ups, but from a far it’s nice and a hell of a lot easier than unwrapping a different texture for each brick.

Yes. the other nice thing is that you can use it with instancing (as here) and particles. Just make one block and the random parameter varies across instances.