Variation on the Cube

Just for the sake of wasting time, I made this image, produced from a single cube. I’m sure someone has already done somthing like this, but I thought it looked pretty cool (minus the graphical artifacts) I won’t lie, this image only took about five minuts to make and render… buy hey, it looks neat. With a bit of PS work it could be fixed up into a neat wallpaper.

It’s like something from M. C. Escher! The only thing I can see right now to improve would to be to move the camera down a bit. You can see the white world through some cracks at the top (back) of the image.


I don’t see any cracks? Very good use of cubes.

I see no cracks either. I suspect the image was updated since Laurifer posted.

I also like this render. It’s spooky in a very simple way.

You are all right. It once had cracks, and now has no cracks. Hurrah! Thanks for the comments, it was really easy to make, and if anyone wants to know I would be more than happy to tell them.

oh yes, i want to know. I think it’s got something to do with IPO’s ? :smiley:

Yes. How did you make that?

I really like it. Textures procedural?

This would make a nice 5 minute tutorial. :wink:

Interesting lighting… :smiley:

Seriously, that’s a pretty neat image. Very moody.

er… bandwidth limit exceeded?? could you please use imageshack?


Mudpuddle is down and I have to inform you- I think mudpuddle is a better host than imageshack as you are also aloud to have .blend files and vidios.