Variety Nodepack V1.0 for Cycles (free)

I decided to release my own Nodepack on Gumroad with 40+ Nodegroups - mainly for Cycles. I created them for multiple purposes over the years and now collected them in this pack.

Some of the currently included Node-Groups are:

1. Textures: Easy to use Nodegroups for procedural texturing

  • Dual Noise (Noise distorted by another noise layer)
  • easier Musgrave Texture
  • powerful Noise, Wave, and Voronoi textures

2. Materials: Various materials including

  • Glass with dispersion and fake caustics
  • Metal Shader
  • fast Subsurface Scattering Setup
  • Cloth
  • Procedural Wood
  • procedural Cloud Shaders (image below is just a box with the shader on it)
  • procedural Fire Shader
  • Area Light Group with Softbox

3. Utility Nodes:

  • Vector Distortion
  • Vector Blur (for blurring textures)
  • Light Gradient (Colored Gradient based on the distance of the light source)

4. Random Tools:

  • Random Object Value with Seed
  • Random Color Variation
  • Multitexture Node

5. Color Tools:

  • glow color to make things glow (magic!)
  • Remap Node
  • Terrain Mask for easy texturing of large terrains

6. Passthrough Nodes:

  • Rust Overlay
  • Wireframe
  • Shadow Catcher for compositing (the old way still works better than the new Cycles Shadow Catcher imo)

Also I once spent like a week on a PBR Ubershader to include. Then they announced Principled BSDF and removed dropped it :o

Let me know what you think when you download it. The documentation still needs work and I will probably do some tutorials about it in the near future.

Some more images:

thank you very much for share your efforts.

Those look cool - are there examples how to use them included?

Not really at the moment. I wrote a short description for the most nodes in text file included in the .blend. That’s a good Idea though. I will add some tomorrow and some tutorials will come soon.

Thank you very much!

thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I added a file with example materials now and did some small fixes.

Great work! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Tkz for share.
I like it !!!

Wowww! Grazie!

Thanks so much for these nodes. Your cloth and clouds are particularly interesting. I’m impressed how well (and fast) the cloud shader renders, and it is so flexible for making procedural, toony clouds. I love!

Thanks you for sharing, I’m so noob so some node i don’t understand at all. lol. hope some tuts or tips come along.

Thank you so much for the feedback, downloads, and donations for this :slight_smile: I never expected that. I uploaded the first part of the tutorial series explaining all the Node Groups. The next tutorials will follow in the next few days in this playlist.

Great! Thanks a lot!
I am sure I will learn a lot about node setups by studying your node groups/setups.

Thank you for the goodies and tutorials. Blender noobs like myself find your contribution very valuable in every way!