Various Environments (and a character!)

Hello all!

I haven’t posted any of my work previously, and not sure if I still should (seeing all the awesome work here makes me feel small!), but I’ll try to brave the forums and maybe get some critique on what I’ve done. So here goes some scenes I’ve done lately with nature.

Thanks for viewing!

As for me, that’s amazing images. They’re all so alive and moody that doesn’t matter they’re not perfectly realistic.

Those images are so intense with its mood! The atmosphere pour itself out of the images.

very well done!

Welcome to the forum! if I had to pick a favorite it would be the river image, but they all came out wonderful.

Were these done in Blender / cycles?

Hello all and thank you very much for your comments!

I thought originally that my message had been blocked (since it didn’t appear right away after posting), so I completely forgot about making this post!

All of the images are created exclusively with Blender and Cycles.

Here are a few more of some images I did the last few weeks. The first one is a miniature that I 3D printed, meant for a D&D character my friend is playing. Looking back at the miniature there are many things I’d change (some proportions are a bit incorrect).
The other one is just a quick bust to test out blender’s hair system!

Thanks again so much for your kind comments!