various fluid renders

Yesterday I made a new sewer pipe scene. I will render it at least 1 more time with a new fluid bake, thought I could get some notes. Thought about modeling a light bulb. Any thoughts. What do you think :smiley:
I attached nearly all my other fluid sims to the video as well.

latest render

Two things jump out at me:

  1. You can see the fluid jumping in places where the simulation isn’t a high enough resolution to keep track of the fluid as it flows through the tube.


  1. The render would greatly benefit from doing some additional work on the liquid’s material.

Thanks for the ideas. I will up the specs and render the final this weekend. I want the vertical bars to be visible in the reflections, (like in post#2)
There is also a boot in the pipe you can’t see very well at moment (:

I think you need to add particles to the fluid sim, do about .05 and make sure subdivision is set to 2

Some more (:

Still trying to find my sweet spot. The water in the pipe looks awful.

Could the scale of the water be different then the scale of the rest of the scene? In the video example, it just looks like everything is miniature and the water is much larger. The globs of water look too big, the surface of the water in the pipe seems too big.

Also how about some more environmental lighting. The scene seems too dark to me.

One thing that I notice that you may want to do is subdivide the water. I found that this improves the quality of fluids without have to increase baking time with improved quality. It does not improve the collision of the water but if you don’t have enough time to try to re-bake the water it’s an easy way to help improve the look.

Thanks for the comments. Opened this project up and made some adjustments.

  • Turned on Environment lighting 0.020. This is a underground sewer so I don’t want it too bright
  • Domain optimization and a higher res bake + sized the overall water down
  • Larger room and adjusted camera
  • and cleaned up some void cracks using photoshop

Will render out a video soon!