Various projects - astroid, macro screw, seagull

These are some old projects of mine you guys might be interested in seeing, just thought I’d put them up since no one’s ever seen them before.
This is a seagull I modeled the body for, but never finished because I found that rigging wings for realistic flight was a littler harder than I thought. I really enjoyed making the eye on this, it went almost hitch-free.
This is an asteroid I made on impluse one day while I was hanging out with my brother. a couple days later, I was quite pleased with the result. All modeling was done in sculpt mode with a cloud texture on top for the very fine details.
This is another model I created while just fooling around, but at 1280px wide in the full-res version, it does nicely for a stunning desktop. In case your wondering just exactly what it is, I know the model is a screw, but I have no idea where the lighting and background are supposed to be coming from, nebula perhaps?

tell me what you think.


The screw looks really cool. I like the blur on the top.