Various wips

I’m gonna add a foreground soon, just a little busy at the moment.

And here’s the high res:

Might as well make this a collection thread like Ben’s so I dont start up a whole bunch of new threads. That seems like a classy idea.

is the design ok?

These look pretty good. She doesn’t have a whole lot of armor on for someone who looks ready for battle is the first thing I noticed.

Good idea, I’ll try to add some more armor. I just dont wanna clutter this too much.

Yeah I know what you mean. Are you going off a concept image or some reference? Cause that would save time guess-working in 3d -even if you’re only half-decent at drawing. I sometimes make concept sketches that are really only understandable to myself and look like chicken scratch to anyone else.

True that.
I’ve been doodling on top of my renders (ms paint style) to come up with ideas. it definitely does work better than just modeling stuff in the viewport.

Hey nice work. I especially like the first one. I’d like to see your color, spec and normal maps. For the tiny bushes did you use a alpha or just a simple sphere. Would love to see a pic of the particle you used for the bushes. Very realistic.

Thanks :slight_smile:
the trees and bushes are made with simple smoothed cube groups to keep memory consumption down.
Here’s the textures map settings I used

I tried getting some armor on there but I cant think of a good way to position them without “clutter”.

Here’s a rig test for now

Impressive work major4z I like how you kept the weapons to realistic sizes, are you going to work on the hair textures that’s the only part that looks out of place to me.

If she’s a ranger or a scout she wouldn’t have lots of armour, Stealth is her armour

sure, hair comes next.

I’ve been hearing a lot of similar complaints about the design I had before and not just on this forum. Maybe this works better.

That character is very nice hehe did it take long?

Thanks :slight_smile:
If I check the dates on the files, I think I started on june 11th?

I’ve been learning a lot about character design with this one. Its been pretty interesting hearing what people know about this stuff.

I hope you’re keeping each iteration of the design. though the latest look is more complete, I like the first one a lot.

You mean the one with the kneepads? I still have that version but I got a lot of negative feedback for that design. They said it was too random and pointless.


Model and Design are just gorgeous!

Something perhaps is wrong…as in men neck has the appeareance of be short due muscles, in women neck is not so strong, so women’s neck appears to be more tall. Try to lenghten her neck a bit, you’ll see the difference.

ah, good point. cant believe I missed that, thanks.