Varnish Marker

Hello boys n. girls…atm I’m working on a marker concept. The concept is completely based on a equilateral triangle.

I started this WIP-Thread because I think i could run into some problems with the translucent shaders. Help and critique is always welcome.

Material adjustments are the next thing to tackle.

Greetings from Hamburg,

Hey there, that’s a nice concept and the materials already look nice. One thing I’d think of is changing one of the caps to indicate what tip is at this end. Because I’m sure, that in 50% of the cases I would open the pen at the wrong side finding the tip I don’t want to use :wink:

Hi minorbus, you’re right about that. But these indicators will not be part of the modeling and shading process. I will add them together with the labeling. There will be no physical indicators for the caps as there is no real use for those. The indicators will be printed to two sides of the pen by UV-labeling.

I’m chasing one core design element with this project. Simplicity. If I would mark the caps directly users could be confused about where to put wich cap. But because both caps are identical to each other the user is not running into those kind of problems.

The indicators for the tips will be added later in the labeling process. :wink:

But much thank’s for the advice.


I’m chasing one core design element with this project. Simplicity. If I would mark the caps directly users could be confused about where to put wich cap. But because both caps are identical to each other the user is not running into those kind of problems.

Yeah, that’s a good point! So you have the best of both. The sides are labeled and as a user you can put each cap at every end. Well thought :slight_smile: I would buy one.

I made some progress. The Logo is kinda sorted out, but still rough around the edges. Will fix that later.
I tried to transfer the triangle aspects into the typo as well. Had to make some compromises though.

The color and translucency is modified compared to the very first render. It’s more crisp this time around. I lost some of the translucency though. Maybe i can compensate that later on. Atm. I’m working on the BAR-Code and some other misc. stuff on the pen itself. Not sure if I will print one or two sides of the pen. I will sort that out later.

Greetings from Hamburg,

It’s amazing how you stick to the idea of the triangle. Not only for the new triangular box you made, but also for the logo. Thanks for sharing the evolution of the logo. That’s interesting.

I recently startet my work on the packaging. At the moment I’m working on the Marker-Base-Pack that will include 10 markers. The Box is quite durable and is a long lasting solution to store your markers. The free space between the markers supports the user to pull out the markers without reorganizing the other markers. The distance between each marker is exactly the width to fit another marker in-between. So if you wish, you can store additional six markers inside the box.

The angled orientation of the markers is achieved by a inlay at the bottom of the box. I show you the final result of the inlay with the next updates.

The marker itself is almost finished. I reworked the materials. It’s quite annoying that I have to di that correction to every color-cap I create. I added a slight bump map to the Type on the marker so that the contrast is enhanced. It will be only noticeable in closeups though.

I added my solution for the color-cap material to this post. Maybe you can help me out a bit. I have no experience with translucency in blender so far. So every help is welcome.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Greetings from Hamburg,

Edit: Thank you “minibus”. I think that is the most important part of designing. If you set up a rule, you have to follow it. Of course there will be some exeptions, because you can’t force this concept on everything. The logo-typography for example is based on a huge compromise. Triangular letters are always hard to read and the overall look of the typo gets extremely distorted. So i made it square but retained a angle of 120° to the sides.

Hello Again,

I recently worked on the marker-box and the final cap-textures. I also created Color-ID’s for the different marker-packs. I designed three so far, but there are more to come. First I want to finish the overall look of the Box and then I will tackle the outer packaging.

                                         <img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/5/b/5/5b5d01ec60a3607d6623733145192ca63e19ca84.jpg" width="150" height="500"><br/>

The Box is sealed by three stickers, to keep the box closed when pulled out of the outer packaging. You will understand what I mean, when you see future updates.

The stickers are quite simple, but I will add a print to it wich say’s “pull here, release here, open here” (one of these three).


I created three different materials for the stickers. The version in the top picture of this post is number 3.

Here is the node-setup for those of you who may be interested.

Additionally I created a hierarchy for the different marker colors. Next I will finish is the Marker-Box and outer Packaging.

Stay tuned!

Greetings from Hamburg,

I thought a while about this last step, because it left me with a mixed impression. Separating them into different bundles of the colour palette is a good idea and having one base pack with the most important colours is reasonable.

But I feel that the closed package is hiding too much of the product. It is not really attractive in my eyes because I can’t see what it is. I think that using a transparent cap for the package would make the product more attractive. With the marker pens hidden from the viewer there is a need to explain what’s in there. With a transparent cap it’s clear. That means lesser marketing efforts.

I also have a point with the new labels you created. They are a nice also. But I like the middle one best because it is the most readable and clear one. This is because the name “ember” isn’t that distorted. The other two add a really heavy distortion to the writing, making it very noisy. I’d try to leave the name white or give it a very light grey.

There is also a difference in that you used two real world images (the desert and the rain forest) for the last two signets and an abstract image for the first. That makes it inconsistent in some way.

There are people here on BA who do product packaging also. I wonder why this thread hasn’t caught their attention by now. And I’d really like to hear their opinion.

Impresive work fastLead thanks for sharing!!

wow! nice work, the cool little details you put in really make it zing. Love the design for the markers.

It’s been a while now. I recently revived this project because I wanted to try out some new lighting techniques I learned.
I will probably finalize this particular scene, to get a feel for the colors and lighting.

Greetings from Hamburg,

I’m getting closer to finalize the outer packaging for the markers. I also designed a little manual booklet. Here is the current state of the outer packaging.

Here is a small portion of the booklet. It’s a small triangle shaped booklet that will fit into the packaging onto of the markers.

Sidenote: Please ignore all the errors in the Text, but I don’t like to use random Text to fill pages. I will correct these errors when I finalize the manual.

Greetings from Hamburg,

ive photoshop color tons because im think it’s i’s better like this exemple ive make of you last screen, because your render is too light and the color are not really real im think.

look to make on blender raw render the colors are more visible and dark better dark for this render.