Vary object size across array/dupliframe/other


I am looking for a way to vary the size of objects in an array or created by dupliframes.

I know of a lattice for this use, and it is OK… but I would like to be able to vary the size and rotation of objects along a duplicated series… ideally an array, or dupliframes, or whatever… and even more ideally that the changes accommodate positive and negative scaling across the length of the array… bigger and small… with some randomization…

Any ideas welcome.

In that there is 3 objects: plane, cube, bézier curve.
Plane has array and curve modifiers to make it go around the curve, cube is parented to plane and plane has duplifaces enabled (with scale option on). Now it’s possible to select (select menu -> random) those curve handles and shrink/fatten with alt+S and tilt them with ctrl+T. Cubes get scaled/rotated along with the curve. I didn’t rotate them for the screenshot though.

I’m going to try this right now!

Works great! Thanks again!