Vase made with the spin tool

I used the spin tool to make the globe on the bottom and the lip on the top. then again to take the segment, single outline segment on Z axis, and spin it 360 degrees to make the vase.

I am working with 3 different books right now,

Digital Texturing & Painting by Owen Demers

Digital Lighting and Rendering (2nd edition) by Jeremy Birn

Blender 3D Architecture Buildings and Scenery by Allan Brito

so progress will be slow on the materials and texturing and lighting since I would like to get them done well.

any comments would be well received

Cheers Joshua

Pretty simple as of now, but this is a great model you’ve made to perhaps begin to learn working with transparent materials moving towards a glass-look. Also, before anyone else says it, no one likes the default blue background! Change the background to a different color/image, and maybe put your model sitting on a plane.

Keep on keepin’ on!

ok here is the vase with a stand and a floor plane

Much better. Also, I almost said it in my earlier post but, another thing you can do is to turn on Ambient Occlusion (AO.) I don’t know if you’ve heard of it before, but it just adds light to pretty much everywhere so you don’t get any pieces of your model hidden completely by shadow. What I’m speaking of is especially prevalent on the left side of your vase where you can’t actually see the edge. The darkness created by the shadow blends with the black of your background. In a finished work you will of course have some areas that are very dark, but when you’re just presenting work for C&C, it’s nice for people to see everything.

The stand looks good! :smiley: