VBlur in 2.49b. I know you know.

I have set up nodes for compositing Vector Blur on this particle flash.
And yet there is none.

I almost know for a certainty that all I need to do is adjust one or two individual buttons and it will work. I looked at a tutorial .blend on realistic fire, which showed how to make VBlur. I imitated the steps to the letter. No dice.

This is the last time I am going to ask about Vector Blur. I refuse to use the standard Motion Blur system in Blender because it is a breathtaking waste of time. I hate to say this, but if I cannot get a straight, clear answer on how to make VBlur work, then my projects hereafter will not use motion blur at all.

Your setup is correct. You just cannot use vector-blur with halos. If you set the particle system to use an object (for example a cube) for visualization instead of point, then you will have little cubes emitted by the particle-emitter, hence you have geometry-particles, hence you will be able to use vector-blur.Ccombined with the blur-setup for glow, that you are already using, it should look decent. But you cannot use a halo material, because that doesn’t work with vector-blur.

Oh. Damn, I knew it was something simple. And I was wondering why that tutorial used translucent spheres.

Thank you very much. I shall implement this at once.